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Healthy eating and Acupuncture from early to late summer

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is all about balance. In this ancient system, the key to health is to move through the world in such a way that our bodies can remain in homeostasis, in balance. This idea connects to sleep patterns, what we eat and ultimately the flow of Qi, or energy, throughout the […]

Spring Cleansing with Diet And Acupuncture

Springtime has a natural feeling of rejuvenation and rebirth. The days get visibly longer, little green buds start to appear on the trees and hibernating animals come out of their winter slumber. For us, as humans, the lengthening days bring with them a natural urge to shed winter layers and move into new beginnings. Cleansing, […]

How Acupuncture Can Help With Detoxing your Body And Leave You Feeling Great!

ACUPUNCTURE CAN HELP DETOX YOUR BODY AND GET RID OF UNWANTED CHEMICALS AND OXIDANTS RUNNING THROUGH YOUR BODY’S SYSTEM! A study published in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine looked at how acupuncture might be able to inhibit injury to the liver caused by the prescription combination of morphine and acetaminophen. The study was conducted […]

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