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Massage Therapy

Along with Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas and Chiropractic care, we also perform therapeutic massage therapy with certified and skillful massage therapists.  Intricately trained in many different styles from Swedish, Deep tissue, and more.


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Saphira Singleton

Licensed Massage Therapist

Saphira Singleton has a passion for helping people heal naturally. She has incorporated her passion for the therapeutic arts to encompass holistic health, natural rehab, and self healing into all her treatments for the last few years.

Saphira’s passion to make a difference in people’s lives is what’s  rewarding  to her. She strives to bring renewed energy and pain relief for anyone from the overwhelmed CEO’s to the busy stay at home mom while incorporating nutrition and and exercise care to create  a total well being package from the inside out. Saphira’s body work style is mainly deeper tissue work to break up and tight or spastic muscles. 


Nathalie Echeverria

Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a natural healer with big hopes for the future of natural medicine. Growing up in California I have gained a love for the great out doors and the wonderful pleasures it offers. My family would always tell me its the simple things in life that matter.
I love nature and what it can do for your Body, Mind and Soul.

My passion for natural health has lead the way to helping others have happy, healthy alternatives to what most people think of as medicine. Our bodies are created so they can heal themselves, sometimes they just need a little help. Licensed for Massage in California, I have been working with clients for pain management and stress relief, muscle rehabilitation and fertility massage, all with over 20 years experience and hopefully many years to come. I believe in a healthy alternative to medications, like acupuncture therapy and chiropractic care,  not only improve heath but also improve quality of life. I hope to help others to take better care of their bodies for the healthy wealthy future. I believe that having a better understanding of your body can bring life and energy into everyday living .

After almost 20 years of practice, I have learned to use a wide range of massage technics to give specialized treatment for each individual. We are all a little different and each person has their own issues they would like to work on and therefore I customize each session to your need. I also specialize in pregnancy massage or for women who are having issues with infertility. This special massage technique is geared towards keeping women on their side rather than facing down and laying on their stomach during the massage session. This allows more blood flow into the necessary areas to promote the natural processes to occur for fertility to take place.


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