Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. We all experience stress – yet we may share it in various ways. There is no one-size approach to wellness. During the past few years,

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Acupuncture for Fertility

How Acupuncture Improves Chances Of Fertility? Infertility is defined as being not able to conceive after sexual contact without protection for a period of one year. A woman who cannot

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Girl doing back squat
Back Pain

Acupuncture For Lower Back Pain

Acupuncture is a modified form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that dates back to thousands of years. This technique involves the insertion of small needles at the various strategic or trigger

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Herbal Medicine

Natural Chinese Herbs to Boost Immunity

Doctors, acupuncturists, herbalists, and consumers from around the world turn to Yu Ping Feng San – a traditional Chinese herbal formula as the natural, effective, and side effect free way to boost immunity.

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