Conditions and Disorders We Treat


Sciatica Pain
Neck/Back/Shoulder Pain
Knee/Joint Pain
Pain Management


- Stress induced headaches
- Severe Migraines
- Painful headaches


- Hormonal Stress
- Depression induced Stress
- Work Stress Relief
- Tremors


- Sleep Apnea
- Sleeping Disorders
- Snoring Problems
- Sleep Onset


- Seasonal Allergies
- Common Allergy
- Respiratory Issues
- Breathing Issues


- Cigarette Addiction
- Drug Addiction
- Alcohol Addiction
- Prescription Drug Abuse

Depression / Anxiety

- PTSD & Panic Attacks
- Drugless Alternative
- Reduce Hypersensitivity

Digestive Disorders

- Irritable Bowel Disease
- Inflammatory Bowel
- Crohns and UC

About Us

Balance Within integrates Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic to treat physical and mental conditions using a holistic approach and traditional chinese medicine.  We treat many health issues without the use of harsh chemicals.

Acupuncture works for many health problems, but it does not treat all health issues. 

Browse our articles and conditions treated pages to see which health issues are effectively treated by Balance Within Integrative Acupuncture.

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