Acupuncture Relieves Pain and PTSD Symptoms

In April 2019, a team of Italian researchers published a study in Medical Acupuncture that suggests acupuncture may be effective for reducing symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a natural disaster. The research team looked at residents of Amatrice, Italy, were a 6.0-magnitude earthquake in 2016 left nearly 300 people dead and almost … Read moreAcupuncture Relieves Pain and PTSD Symptoms

How Acupuncture Can Help PTSD

You’ve seen the strained look on his face.  He’s far away.  He doesn’t sleep well and sits around all day doing nothing.  He’s always tired.  You’ve invited him to the things he loves doing, but he never feels like doing them anymore.  Sometimes he yells a lot—really overreacts.  But when you ask him what’s wrong, … Read moreHow Acupuncture Can Help PTSD