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Treating Stress and Anxiety with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Q: Does Acupuncture help with managing stress?

Acupuncture has been shown to help quite drastically with managing stress levels. One of the most important things is to make sure that the office clinic space and the practitioner makes the patient feel more calm and relaxed. Even though this does not have much to do with the treatment, the patient must make sure that he or she is comfortable. 

Q: How does Acupuncture help decrease or manage stress levels?
A: Aside from walking into a relaxing office and resting for about 40 minutes during the treatment. Receiving regular acupuncture treatments for stress management, acupuncture helps shift our body from functioning in the sympathetic nervous system to the para sympathetic way of functioning. This is a shift from high energy functioning to a more relaxed state of functioning. 

Q: Does treatment with acupuncture for stress hurt?
A: While generally acupuncture does not hurt, it really depends on the practitioner you go to. Some practitioners have a more aggressive approach while other have a softer touch. Here, at Balance Within we have combined a gentle approach style of acupuncture while not sacrificing the potency of the treatments. 

Q: How many treatments with acupuncture until I see a difference in my stress levels?
A: Generally with one acupuncture treatment you should be able to feel and see a difference in the way you feel. After your first treatment generally there is a very calm and euphoric feeling due to a large endorphin release. 

Q: When treating stress with acupuncture, where are the acupuncture points used?
A: Treating stress with acupuncture, the points can be in many different places. It really depends of the diagnosis and style of the practitioner. Points can range from the hands, feet, stomach, head, ears and/or back. One section can be selected or a combination of places. It really depends on the practitioner. 

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