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Acupuncture For Auto Accident Victims


Getting into any kind of accident is always scary. Weather it’s an auto accident, a slip and fall, a sports accident or an injury at work. All of them can be painful, damaging, and simply downright jarring. Luckily there are many types of non-invasive treatments that can be performed when these types of injuries occur.  Non-invasive medical treatments minimize your pain levels and decrease your rehab time and help you get back to regular life, and in many cases without having to undergo surgery or any other type of invasive treatment.

“Been in an accident?  We work with top rated attorneys that will get you maximum compensation AND no up-front medical treatment from our facility.

If you’ve been in an accident, let us guide you using our years of experience so you can get proper medical care and compensation.”

Physical Therapy:

This is a combination of exercises and muscles strengthening techniques designed to strengthen your body after a traumatic accident. These exercises can tremendously help you get back to your normal life by strengthening your body fairly quickly. Weather the injury is in your low back and you’re having pain, physical therapy can definitely help. At our clinic Balance Within, we work closely with many physical therapy offices in Encino and Sherman Oaks for your pain to make sure we are incorporating the highest level of care for your recovery.


This type of therapy is not as popular  in the personal injury world but, has proven to be one of the best non-invasive and effective ways for treating pain due to an auto accident. Acupuncture helps treat pain by mainly decreasing inflammation due to the accident while increasing circulation at the same time. This combination drastically helps treat pain levels and gets the patient back to normal life sooner. When acupuncture therapy for pain is combined with physical therapy or chiropractic, it drastically enhances the treatments and gets you feeling better, pain free sooner. Our main office in Encino serves local Sherman Oaks and Tarzana residents for pain management as well. We make sure we incorporate the correct modality so you recover sooner from your pain and discomfort.

Pay Nothing Up-Front (with your attorney’s approval)

At Balance Within, we offer acupuncture treatments for accidents incorporating the highest skill and technology for helping our patients recover sooner and more efficient. The great thing about our facility is that we work with your attorney on a lien basis. This means that no payment needs to be made by the patient until their case closes. At that point, the attorney will send payment for the acupuncture treatments. We will work with the attorney of the patients choice or refer our network of  highly specialized attorneys to make sure the patient gets the highest quality of care possible for their accident. We always go above and beyond to make sure that our patients and the attorney’s  they hire have an open line of communication with us.  

For more information or for a referral for a highly specialized attorney in Personal Injury cases, please call our acupuncture office located near Sherman Oaks to speak with one of our staff members.

Chiropractic Care:

Patient at chiropractorThis type of therapy has also been shown to drastically help treat and decrease pain levels. Chiropractic adjustments can also help decrease inflammation while decreasing your rehab time. At Balance Within we offer a combination of care for your accident cases. Weather its acupuncture or chiropractic care on a lien basis, our practitioners will make sure we offer the highest level of care for you while communicating with your attorney and other doctors to make sure our patient is taken care of. Our chiropractic services for pain also cater to the surrounding areas like Sherman Oaks and Encino.

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