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What is Express Acupuncture?

Over the past decade of practice, Dr. Alexander Ezzati has treated thousands of patients using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbs. Using extensive knowledge and experience practicing in the US and China, Dr. Ezzati started testing a shorter treatment method for certain health problems.

It is a method that has taken him years to master and perfect.  Dr. Ezzati created Express Acupuncture which combines potent acupuncture points in a manner to get exceptional results FAST, but only for certain health conditions.

What’s the difference between Full treatment and Express Acupuncture?

Full Treatments:

– Treats serious, chronic and acute conditions
– About 1 hour
– Both sides of the body are treated
– Treatment of both the problem area and the body as a whole
– Heat/Electro-Stimulation/Massage are implemented as necessary
– Bonus!: Complimentary Full Cupping Session (upon request)

Express Acupuncture method:
– Treats mostly acute health problems
– About 30 minutes
– One side of body is treated
– Treatment is more focused on problem area

What can Express Acupuncture treat?

Express Acupuncture can be used successfully for:

– Pain (acute, not long term/chronic)
   a. Back Pain
   b. Neck Pain and Strains
   c. Shoulder Pain
   d. Leg Pain
   e. Tender Muscles (i.e. from recent injuries)
– Headaches (acute)
– Anxiety (acute)
– Insomnia (acute)

This method is also great for a patients busy schedule if they do not have the time to commit to hour long treatments a couple times per week.  Because treatments are shorter in duration, along with it comes a lower treatment cost.  For more questions or concerns, please contact our Beverly Hills or Encino acupuncture office and speak to one of our specialists or Dr. Ezzati himself.

About Us

Balance Within integrates Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic to treat physical and mental conditions using a holistic approach and traditional chinese medicine.  We treat many health issues without the use of harsh chemicals.

Acupuncture works for many health problems, but it does not treat all health issues.

Browse our articles and conditions treated pages to see which health issues are effectively treated by Balance Within Integrative Acupuncture.

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