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How Ginger and Turmeric can help with Digestive Issues and Pain Management

Ginger is a common spice once considered a luxury. Ancient Chinese and Indians used the root of the ginger plant as a tonic to treat various common ailments. Ginger originated in Southeast Asia, but since then it has been widely cultivated all around the world. At its height in popularity during the 14th century, ginger cost about the same as a piece of livestock. Today, ginger can be found in almost every local grocery store and is used worldwide. Besides ginger, turmeric is also know for anti-inflammatory properties and digestive health.

Turmeric is also a natural anti inflammatory which can help with pain management levels. Learn more in-depth about turmeric by viewing a related article on how turmeric and circumin benefits the health of the human body.(1)   These findings have been researched by proper scientific studies.(2)

So what makes ginger and turmeric such special herbs? Versatility. Both can be used for many different issues. The dominant property of ginger and turmeric is that it is warming. Some people associate this with being spicy. The truth is, after a person eats either, the body will feel a little warmer. Over time, eating ginger daily can actually increase the body temperature. This is great for those who suffer from blood deficiency and a feeling of constant cold.

This also helps people who suffer from aches and pains that flare up during the cold weather. Turmeric too slightly has this effect but is stronger in the realm of decreasing inflammation. These are natural herbs that can be taken daily in order to help with pain management.

Ginger is frequently used to help treat digestive problems as turmeric is usually used for decreasing inflammation and pain management. Ginger can effectively reduce nausea, whether it’s from morning sickness or chemotherapy. Because of its warming properties, it also aids in stimulating digestion. Grating ginger and adding it to water daily can be very beneficial for the digestive tract. When taken the same way turmeric can help with pain management.

Another way ginger is used is to help treat colds or the flu. Combining ginger with scallions and making a hot water broth can help kick out a cold quickly. The combination of scallions and ginger will heat the body up, making you sweat a little. This may be just what is needed for sweating out the infection. Combining turmeric with scallions can also have the enhancing effect of making the pain control even stronger. For more information please contact one of our acupuncturists in encino for questions on pain management or digestive disorders.

Ginger can also be used to treat food poisoning or dysentery. Ingesting ginger increases the secretion of gastric juices. This helps the body digest food more quickly. Ginger also creates an inhospitable environment for toxic bacteria in the gut. By increasing digestion, the toxins can be excreted quickly.

Pain and inflammation are rampant in the world today, but ginger and turmeric can provide some relief. Studies show ginger and turmeric consumption can reduce muscle aches and pains and inflammation. Ginger has also been used in studies on cancer, showing decreased inflammation in the body.

One last way ginger consumption can benefit the body has to do with the cardiovascular system. Ginger has been shown to reduce cholesterol, which can lower the incident of heart attacks.

Ginger is used frequently in many of the herbal formulas Chinese medicinal practitioners prescribe. If you or somebody you know suffers from any of the aforementioned conditions, it might be a good idea to consider using ginger.

If you have any questions to see if ginger or turmeric is right for you please give Balance Within Acupuncture a call and one of our acupuncturists who specialize in pain management and digestive disorders will be happy to help.

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