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How Acupuncture Works For Pain And Orthopedic Disorders

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice that involves inserting small needles at specific body points (called acupoints) to treat various diseases and body conditions. It works by targeting and stimulating small nerve endings in the skin that help regulate the flow of energy or “Qi”. This traditional therapy predates recorded medical history and has been practiced in China and Asia for thousands of years.

Besides treating physiological and neurological conditions, acupuncture is also known to treat musculoskeletal pain, soft tissue injuries, orthopedic disorders, and joint surgeries.

Man with backache pain

Acupuncture is widely used to treat various body conditions. However, its most common use in Asia and Western countries is to treat musculoskeletal conditions and ease symptoms of orthopedic disorders, such as acupuncture for arthritis and lower back pain. [1] Studies have proven its safety and efficacy for several forms of arthritis, including inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. However, most rheumatologists and acupuncture specialists recommend that this therapy should be used along with disease-modifying agents (a group of drugs) to enhance the outcome.

Muscle spasms, sprains, and soft tissue wounds are among the orthopedic conditions, most frequently and successfully treated using acupuncture therapy. Besides addressing these acute conditions, acupuncture is also helpful in treating chronic musculoskeletal pain, such as myofascial pains, joint achiness, repetitive strain disorders, postoperative pain and degenerative disc diseases. At our clinic, Balance Within located in Encino Ca, we specialize in treat orthopedic pain disorders with acupuncture, electro acupuncture and herbs. For more information or questions, please call us directly and speak to one of our acupuncture specialists.

Bad Posture Pain can be relieved with Acupuncture

A recent journal examined three different studies and found a noticeable difference in pain scores and swelling with regular acupuncture treatments when compared to conventional therapy. Two out or the three compared differently to the treatment options with acupuncture and concluded a significant difference in easing troublesome symptoms as well as speeding up the recovery process after injury. The most noticeable difference is seen in inflammatory joint conditions where regular acupuncture sessions (over 6 to 12 months) have been linked to reduced swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Acupuncture for Orthopedic Surgery

Various studies and clinical trials have showed acupuncture therapy to be helpful before, during and after surgical intervention of the joints and muscles.

As surgery is a major trauma to the body, boosting a patients’ confidence and maximizing his/her emotions play a major role in post-surgical outcome. Acupuncture helps increase the production of endorphins (natural painkillers in the body) – that can decrease anxiety and alleviate anticipated surgical pain. It also helps with side effects of the anesthetic drugs and surgery, such as postoperative headache, nausea/vomiting, urinary retention, and constipation. [2]



Acupuncture therapy for musculoskeletal disorder combines TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), myofascial manipulation, heat energy, and electrical stimulation of the needles to ease pain, treat soft tissue injuries, reduce postural imbalances and smooth out the surgical process.

Over the years, studies and clinical trials have shown that acupuncture therapy stimulates specific points in the body to regulate different body systems – including nervous and endocrine systems, immune system, and joints. It releases trapped energy and causes the production of the natural pain killing hormones called endorphins to ease pain and muscle aches. It has also been clinically proven to improve the circulation of blood, relax tight and injured muscle cells, and release anti-inflammatory chemicals to promote faster healing following an orthopedic surgery. Further more, if you would like to read about us, please check out our listing on yelp.


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