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How Acupuncture Can Help With Herniated Disk Pain

Do you have a bulging that is causing you back pain? Is that back pain strong enough that it interferes with your job, family life, and normal daily activities? Additionally, do you feel like you will never be able to put it under control and think that it just might get worse in time?

These are common feelings and questions from people experiencing this type of pain. Suffering from a bulging or herniated disc pain might make you feel confused, frustrated, and worried about your health and the condition. Throughout the world, about 1-2% of all people have something or experience something like a serious bulging disc. As you get older and age, you are more prone to develop disc problems because, over the years, the spinal discs lose their structure, elasticity, lubricating fluid, and become more brittle. Fortunately there are many modalities, exercises and preventative measures one can take to ensure the herniation or bulge of a disk is reduced and or maintained and doesn’t worsen. One of them that we will talk about is acupuncture and it’s amazing ability to decrease pain of a disk herniation in many cases.

Bulging disc vs. Herniated Disc: What is the difference?

There are many names that are known for disc problems: herniated discs, slipped discs, collapsed discs, ruptured discs, etc. Whichever the name of the condition, the underlying causes of the most disc problems are similar. The two most common conditions are the bulging disc and the herniated disc.

A herniated disc is more like a disc opening and spilling its insides out, while the bulging disc is the disc that is stretching and protruding outward. Herniated discs are also referred to as ruptured discs. However, the bulging discs are more common than the herniated discs and they might go unnoticed because they cause less pain. However, the symptoms of each person are different. Regardless of which on it may be, at our acupuncture clinic Balance Within in Encino Ca, we first contact your doctor to get details of what is going on in your specific case, and the create the correct treatment plan for you.

The main difference between these two conditions is that the bulging disc is believed to be caused by pressure that forces the disc to stretch, while the herniated disc is primarily caused by a crack developing in the tough outer layer of the disc cartilage. Once the crack forms in the herniated disc, it is possible for the disc’s softer inner cartilage to move through the crack and touch surrounding nerves, which is similar to what happens with the bulging disc. Acupuncture does very well in treating these naturally with minimally invasive procedures.

At Balance Within located near Sherman Oaks our acupuncturists specialize in decreasing the pain, inflammation, and tightness that comes with bulging disk pain. We are trained to reduce pain levels up to 60% percent with one treatments at times. If you have any questions or concerns please call our office and speak to one of our acupuncturists near Sherman Oaks Ca.

In the modern world of medicine, there are many ways that you can prevent cracks, bulges, or inflammation in the spinal discs from getting in a worse condition and that can be done by changing certain aspects of your lifestyle. Many approaches will effectively help you heal your bulging disc, fast, allowing you to get the relief that you have been waiting for and avoid surgery. One such efficient method is acupuncture.

On the surface level, acupuncture healing by increasing blood flow, stimulating the body to release endorphins which will decrease the perception of pain and reduce inflammation. This is done by leaving the acupuncture points in place for about 20 – 40 minutes. Specifically targeted for the herniated or bulging disc pain, the acupuncture alleviates the discomfort, slows the degeneration process, and heals it more rapidly. As you can view in the picture below, the treatment can be quite relaxing, leaving you with less pain after just one treatment.

What is herniated disc treatment using acupuncture?

Herniated disc treatment using acupuncture is a specific method of using the old Chinese remedy to treat the symptoms that come out of a problematic disc condition. It is a valid and scientifically proven holistic pain relief system that goes back thousands of years.

In general, acupuncture is an alternative pain management method that is used for the symptomatic treatment of a variety of back pain syndromes. It uses long thin needles that stimulate energy points in the body. These points are positioned and lie along meridians that transmit pain relief by moving and stimulating internal energy through the body.

When the body is treated correctly using acupuncture the patient will feel pain relief and more mobile. Acupuncture here tries and seeks to balance the flow by adding or removing energy from these crucial anatomical points. This might sound very complex and unfamiliar to the western world, but the most important thing to remember is that acupuncture provides true health, allowing the body to function ideally and heal itself from diseases and possible injuries.

How does the herniated disc treatment using acupuncture work?

As mentioned above, acupuncture is a much healthier option than using pain relief drugs. It is all-natural therapy and it does not have any side effects. It must be performed by a skilled practitioner. All our practitioners at Balance Within located near Sherman Oaks Los Angeles go through rigorous training and attend in depth studies to become experts in pain management with dealing with herniated or bulging disks. Although acupuncture will release the pain and help the persons living with this condition live a more pain-free life, it is always suggested to seek deeper treatment if there is truly a herniation in the disk. This may be as far as surgery in some cases. 

Efficient acupuncture works by:

– addressing the pain in the lower back or neck (depending on where the disc bulge or herniation is) as well as degeneration of the discs themselves.

– moxibustion – increasing blood circulation to stimulate healing by heating specific herbs and placing them over the bulging or herniated disc.

– taking herbal medicine, orally or topically, to reduce the pain and increase blood circulation.

The goal of acupuncture is to get the patient out of pain, reduce the inflammation and then start to heal and strengthen the affected area until the disc is healthy again.

What are the acupuncture points for bulging or herniated disks?

Targeting the following points will make the acupuncture successful and result in relieving the pain in the patient:

UB23 – Shen Shu – Kidney Shu – This point helps very well with back pain in that it can relax and release the lower back muscles and increase your range of motion.

GV4 – Ming Men – Life Gate – It is located on the L2 of the spine. Inserted perpendicularly .5-1 in, and moxa is applicable. This tonifies and strengthens the lower back, expels cold, and dries damp cold. Works well with ginger moxa.

UB25 – Da Chang Shu – This point also relaxes the back muscles that may be affecting herniated or bulging disks. These tight muscles can be causing the pain, muscular atrophy, numbness, and motor impairment of the back. Benefits the lower back and relieves fullness & swelling.

GV3 – Yao Yang Guan – Lumbar Yang Pass – It is located on L4 of the spine. Inserted perpendicularly .5-1 in, and moxa is applicable. It strengthens the back muscles  and especially good for back pain that radiates to the legs.

UB40 – Wei Zhong –Relaxes the back and opens the channel to benefit the low back, knees, hips & legs.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits of acupuncture for the herniated or bulging disk, it can be also used to sport performance and keep the body loose and limber. There are no downsides in trying and exploring the benefits of acupuncture as a pain treatment since it is proven to be very efficient. However, it is not a cure, it is only a solution to dealing with the pain. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding acupuncture treatment for herniated disk pain, please call or contact our office and any of our acupuncture specialists will be happy to assist you in resolving your pain.

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