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Acupuncture for Fertility

How Acupuncture Improves Chances Of Fertility? Infertility is defined as being not able to conceive after sexual contact without protection for a period of one year. A woman who cannot

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Girl doing back squat
Back Pain

Acupuncture For Lower Back Pain

Acupuncture is a modified form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that dates back to thousands of years. This technique involves the insertion of small needles at the various strategic or trigger

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Herbal Medicine

Natural Chinese Herbs to Boost Immunity

Doctors, acupuncturists, herbalists, and consumers from around the world turn to Yu Ping Feng San – a traditional Chinese herbal formula as the natural, effective, and side effect free way to boost immunity.

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What is Express Acupuncture?

Over the past decade of practice, Dr. Alexander Ezzati has treated thousands of patients using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbs. Using extensive knowledge and experience practicing in the US and

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