Studies Show Acupuncture Can Stop Insomnia!

by Alexander Ezzati

Sleep is such a very important part of our lives that we require a third of our lives doing it, unfortunately with different degrees of success. Sleeping problems are major contributors to injury and disease and plague about 50-70 million Americans. If you suffer from interrupted sleep, you are at high risk for accidents, depression, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. In fact, one fifth of all serious car accidents are related to sleeplessness. Inadequate sleep impacts almost every facet of our time-pressed lives, leaving us with tired, stressed out, late for work, and little time for social interactions.

Despite the effectiveness of mainstream pharmacological treatments for insomnia in a lot of people, acupuncture and other alternative treatments are still extensively practiced. Acupuncture has been widely analyzed in observational studies and in some studies there are indications that acupuncture has a high rate of success in treating insomnia. There is a rise in the hormone serotonin in the body that brings about sleep when pressure is applied on specific acupuncture points of the body’s energy chain. Attaching a dried kidney bean to the inside of the right wrist would put pressure on the “Inner Gate” point helping slow the heart, alleviating anxiety, and promoting sleep. This point is found between the two tendons three fingers width from the crease of the wrist. Auricular acupuncture is also highly endorsed as a therapy for insomnia. Auricular Acupuncture is a therapeutic technique that involves the sticking of needles into specific points on the auricle to treat certain illnesses.

Your nervous system starts to relax the minute you undergo an acupuncture treatment. The sticking of acupuncture needles into your body balances your Chi, unravels your subconscious stresses, and eliminates the causes of your insomnia. Treatment is so relaxing that most people fall asleep on the treatment table. Consult an Acupuncturist for Insomnia, or other issues with sleeping, and start sleeping better tonight.

Alexander Ezzati is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and the founder of Balance Within - Acupuncture Clinic in Encino, CA.

Alexander Ezzati – who has written posts on Acupuncture Encino CA - Balance Within - Integrative Acupuncture.


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