Q: Does Acupuncture help or treat migraines and headaches?

A: Yes! Acupuncture treats headaches and migraines very well. They are actually quite easy to treat and results can be seen with only 3-5 treatments.

Q:  How many treatments do I need to see a change in my migraines?

A: Typically anywhere between 3-5 treatments you should be able to see a difference in your condition. Sometimes given the severity of the migraines or headaches it may take more or less time.

Q: Where are the points located for treating migraines with acupuncture?

A:  Depending on the diagnosis, point location for treating migraines and headaches with acupuncture can vary. Sometimes points can be located on the feet, hands, head and even on the neck, shoulders and back.

Q:  Can acupuncture affect my headache or migraine medication?

A:  The only way regular acupuncture will affect your medication is that it can potentially help wean you off of it. With regular acupuncture, headaches and migraines will lessen and eventually become non existent. In this time with the approval of your physician it would be a good idea to see if you can begin to take less of your meds.

Q:  Does acupuncture for migraines hurt?

A:  No, in general acupuncture should not hurt. It will differ from practitioner to practitioner depending on their style but acupuncture should be more of a relaxing and enjoyable experience.