How Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can Help Allergies

1. Q: Can Acupuncture help treat allergies, sinusitis, or seasonal allergies?

A: Yes! Acupuncture can work very well for general allergies, sinusitis, or seasonal allergies. It can help decrease ones sensitivity to external irritants like dander, pollen, dead skin particles, detergents, cologne, and many more.

2. Q: How many treatments will it take to see a difference in my allergy condition?

A: This may vary depending on how severe your condition is. Treatments can take anywhere from 2-15 depending on how long and how bad the allergies are.

3. Q: How does Acupuncture help with allergies, sinusitis, or seasonal allergies?

A: Acupuncture can help reduce any internal inflammation specifically in the nasal cavity that may be contributing to the allergies. Also acupuncture help boost your immune system or your internal energy know as “qi” to help regulate and monitor your bodies response to external irritants and stimuli.

4. Q: Can acupuncture affect my allergy medicine?

 acupuncture will generally not affect your allergy medication. In fact regular acupuncture can help decrease the amount of allergy medication you will need to take, eventually leading your consumption down to zero.

5. Q: Where are the points located for acupuncture and treating allergies?

A: Points for acupuncture and allergies can vary due to the diagnosis. The points can be located on the feet, legs, abdomen, arms, and even around the sinus cavity and nose. All points used at Balance Within are selected to create treatment prescription that is unique to the person receiving treatment.