Trying To Stop Smoking? Acupuncture Is The Key

by Alexander Ezzati

Acupuncture Can Help You Quit Smoking

One way people in Western societies try to quit their smoking habit is through the ancient Eastern remedy of acupuncture. People who want to quit smoking do it for various reasons. Some, because of smoking, have developed health problems such as chronic cough or shortness of breath and want to quit smoking in order to live a healthy life without the fear of serious health consequences which are associated with smoking. Smoking can lead to a number of health conditions and diseases.

For the most part, it’s you who has to decide to quit smoking either for your own sake or for the sake of others. The key is self-motivation. People who have an intense desire to really quit now make the decision to choose acupuncture treatment to stop smoking.

It is said that acupuncture is an effective tool that has helped several people beat their addiction with tobacco and even drugs. One of the most habit-forming drugs out there is nicotine. You get a habit that is very hard to break if you have a chemical that’s compounded with the flavor of tobacco that’s orally gratifying to smoke.  Acupuncture treatment helps offset that gratification by altering the taste of tobacco making it unpleasant to smoke and smell. That in turn, makes quitting smoking much easier.

Acupuncture also alleviates the symptoms of mental distress such as agitation, and nervousness. It helps soothe the mind and body and makes the quitting process less difficult. The treatment focuses on agitation, impatience, cravings, and anxiety; all symptoms that people are usually experiencing during nicotine withdrawals.

The needles used in acupuncture are very thin. They are stuck gently into many points in the body and ears to help the patient stop smoking. In between treatment sessions, the acupuncture points on the ear of the patient are usually fastened with small pellets. When the patient starts to have smoking cravings, he lightly presses the pellets that stimulate the acupuncture points to remove the urge and calm the mind.

The treatment’s frequency and duration differ from person to person. A treatment can last as short as five minutes to as long as an hour once or twice a week. The first session can relieve certain manifestations, while chronic or more serious conditions typically require several treatments.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Besides helping you overcome withdrawal symptoms related to quitting smoking, acupuncture also improves your overall health. Obviously, when you quit smoking, your health condition would naturally improve. The effects of acupuncture may differ from person to person. Some people may experience significant improvements after one or two sessions while others may need at least 10 sessions to attain the same results. Contact a licensed acupuncturist in Encino to see how acupuncture can be the key to starting your smoke-free, healthy life.

Alexander Ezzati is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and the founder of Balance Within - Acupuncture Clinic in Encino, CA.

Alexander Ezzati – who has written posts on Acupuncture Encino CA - Balance Within - Integrative Acupuncture.


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